Observing Public Education in Puerto Rico

Study #1 – Education Reform: Charter Schools Paradigm in the Face of Poverty and Violence in Puerto Rico

Cesar Rey Hernández, Ph.D

This study analyzes the 2018 Educational Reform pursuant to Act 85 and the consequent introduction of charter schools.

Study #2 – Socioeconomic and Demographic Profile by Age and Gender of Youngsters Who Have Not Completed High School in Puerto Rico Between 2010 and 2018

Héctor Cordero Guzmán, Ph.D

This study contributes to the growing literature on school dropouts in Puerto Rico, with a focus on five main objectives.

Study #3 – What Lies Behind the Variations of Academic Performance Among Public Schools in Puerto Rico? Sociodemographic, Community, and School Factors

Eileen Segarra Alméstica, Ph.D

This third study seeks to measure how sociodemographic and community factors, as well as school characteristics, affect academic performance in each school of the Puerto Rican public education system.

Study #4 – Regional Socioeconomic Profile and its Relationship with School Segregation in Public Schools in Puerto Rico

Indira Luciano Montalvo, Ph.D

This study seeks to determine if there is a relationship between socioeconomic school segregation and academic segregation at the regional level in Puerto Rican public schools.

Study #5 – Academic Achievement and School Closures in Puerto Rico

José Caraballo Cueto, Ph.D

Taking advantage of the availability of student-level data, this study used causal inference methods to find that school closures and consolidations led to reductions in the academic achievement of displaced students.