Published Work

Observing Public Education in Puerto Rico

This report presents the findings of five research projects conducted during our first year. These investigations focus on wide-ranging inquiries that provide a general overview of Puerto Rico’s public education system and supply data that help in a more objective and empirical policymaking process.

The report consists of five projects. The first study was conducted by Dr. César Rey Hernández. He evaluates Law Num. 85-2018, also known as the Puerto Rico Education Reform Law, focusing on the impact of charter schools in light of laxer regulations. The second study, conducted by Dr. Héctor Cordero Guzmán, concentrates on school dropout in Puerto Rico. Cordero Guzmán seeks to characterize the problem by identifying and analyzing its root causes, documenting changes in dropout tendencies since 2010, and assessing the consequences of school dropout on future employment opportunities. Dr. Eileen Segarra Alméstica is the author of the third study, where she analyzes the influence of socioeconomic, community, and school variables on variations in student academic performance. In the fourth study, Dr. Indira Luciano Montalvo explores the relationship between socioeconomic segregation and educational segregation in Puerto Rico. Finally, in the fifth study, Dr. José Caraballo Cueto measures the effect of transferring schools on the academic performance of students impacted by school closures.

Read the five research projecs that form part of this first report, Observing Public Education in Puerto Rico.