The Observatory

The Observatory of Public Education in Puerto Rico is a research center dedicated to studying public education in Puerto Rico. We are part of the Center for Multidisciplinary Studies of the University of Puerto Rico’s Graduate School of Public Administration and operate since 2019 with funding from Filantropía Puerto Rico.

Through rigorous and empirical research on Puerto Rico’s public education system, we seek to contribute to a more complete and objective understanding of its current state, to push for well-informed public policy decisions. As a think tank specialized in public education in Puerto Rico, we aim to:

  • Generate comprehensive research on current issues in public education
  • Guide the public discourse on education by publishing and disseminating the findings of our investigations
  • Present information on the state of public education in Puerto Rico in concise and straightforward language and visually appealing formats
  • Instruct the press on issues related to education to encourage meticulous and high-quality reporting
  • Promote transformative and modernizing education policy decisions by becoming a valuable source for data, information, and analysis of Puerto Rico’s public education system